Foundations Guidelines and Values


One of the exciting things about Foundations is that we have participants attending from different parts of the world, with varying backgrounds, or widely differing ages, gifts and understandings. It is stimulating and exciting to be able to make new friends, yet it is not always simple when many people from different backgrounds get together in one place for a week!

When attending Foundations it is very important that you have read and agree to live within the Foundations Guidelines and Values.

Being Part of the Team

Foundations course participants are asked to cooperate fully with course coordinators to ensure the comfort, safety and well being of all course participants. Among other things, this means…


Foundations course participants are asked to cooperate fully with course coordinators to ensure the comfort, safety and well being of all course participants. Among other things, this means…

Addictive Substances

All Fusion events are drug and alcohol free. Foundations is no exception. Any course participants who bring, buy, use or give to others any form of illegal drug or alcoholic substance, or misuse or
distribute any legal drug will be immediately asked to leave. We take this seriously, because there are people within our community for whom these substances have become a destructive force in their

Prescribed Medication

If you are carrying any prescribed medication we ask that you record the details of this on your Personal Information form, including the dosage. Even something as simple as a packet of mild pain
killers can be potentially life threatening in the wrong hands. During the Foundations week we ask that you have any medication clearly marked with your name and that you are careful not to leave it
lying around. If it is a substance that might be harmful to others we may ask you to leave it in the care of your small group leader for the week. We will negotiate this with you on an individual basis.

Cell Phones

We ask that you leave your cell phone in your room (which has a lock) and use/check on breaks only. The course is about relationships and living in community and we understand that cell phones can be a huge distraction that we hope to minimize during our time together.


We realize that meeting new people and forming new relationships is one of the great things about being a part of a Foundations course. It’s amazing how well you can get to know people in just one week! However, because there is so much to take in over the week, and so many different people to get to know, we ask that course participants choose not to form or pursue exclusive romantic

relationships during the week. We have found in the past that this has been a distraction for people, making it difficult for them to focus or to participate fully in course activities.

Course Attendance and Curfew

Foundations course participants are expected to attend all scheduled course activities and sessions unless otherwise negotiated with their small group leader. This is because each course and unit builds on the previous ones and missing any will mean you don’t receive the full benefit of the course. It’s too good to miss! We also ask that all participants are back at their own quarters and quiet by 11:00 PM each night.

Relating to Others

We have that Foundations will be a really positive, exciting and encouraging week for everyone. We have three values around how we relate to each other which we would love you to help us with. There are “Build People Up”, “Help People Grow”, and “People Matter”. This means things like put-downs, swearing and aggressive behaviour are not acceptable, while encouraging, being inclusive and patient with others is definitely encouraged!

In the same way, we ask that you do not enter into a counselling-type relationship or give advice to other course participants. It is normal for most of us to want to help people, and this is a great thing. However, the chances are that most of us won’t understand other’s backgrounds and vulnerabilities. In the past, people have been damaged by the inappropriate advice of well-meaning individuals
advocating their point of view.

We also ask that you do not offer to take children or young people out of the camp without first relating to their parents or primary caregivers. This includes other people your own age who you may have met here. If you are unsure, check with your small group leader or one of the Foundations leaders.

In Conclusion

If you have any problems during the week with any of these values, or difficulties in relation to any of the other course participants, your small group leader will be very willing to help you out in any way they can.